Kirie Ghandini er ein musikar. Det er vanskeleg å fanga han gjennom språket si flytande verd. Radovan Ipcwish har prøvd seg på nettopp det ved hjelp av jernspråket engelsk:

"In 2013 Kirie Ghandini recorded the recordings later being called the king-recordings. He played briefly here and there, but he had to wait for his breakthrough. Lut Bliset has later written: "He made some of the best music of his career when he was certain that his audience was not listening." John "Red" Buck called the king-recording "perhaps Ghandini´s greatest collection of songs", and Morten Grøtum says it is "an asthongishingly important work in the light of the history of ordinary hard working men". The productivity was exploding, but it didn´t last. During the following years Kirie produced as good as nothing. In the king-recording everything was informal. When did the recordings take place? Some say they started in february 2013 and lasted to april 2013, others pushes the start back to september 2012. It is suggested that around 20 songs was being recorded in this period. Some of these songs is among Kirie´s best, like "Play that ball, man!", "My grandpa was a hard working man", and "The appleman"."

- Radovan Ipcwish